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 Cabo San Lucas Fishing Reports
August 18-23, 2015

How many Marlin Azul can you fight in one day?
How about 3 for Clem Malone and adult son Cody Malone from Sulphur Springs and Waco, Texas fishing aboard 28' Cruiser #1 with Capt Jose ..  Photos. The Blue Marlin kept for eating has been named "Cooper" by Lakeyn Malone age 3.5 :-)
And if you are looking for an awesome experience fishing in Lake Fork, Cody is your go-to guide!
Hey Dwayne Gore, you two ought be acquainted if not already!
visiting from Cheyenne, Wyoming Rob Bateman and Hunter Becker fished 2 days on our 26' Cruiser with Capt Felipe - their bounty totals CR&R 4 Marlin Reyado (Striped Marlin)
Visiting from Birmingham, Alabama - GO CRIMSON TIDE -  Ricky Fitzpatrick and fiancée Ashleigh (they will be getting married on the beach in Cabo in November) enjoyed a half day of fishing with Capt Jose on our 32' Carolina Classic and had a blast releasing a Marlin + boating 1 Wahoo for excellent eating!

Henderson, Nevada  E.J. McGraw and friends fished 2 days this week on our 38' Stellican w/Capt Carlos and can cross Marlin Azul off the list of fish he has hunted for many years.

Back to show the fish who's the boss Skip Ballard from Boise, Idaho fished with Capts Justo and Casey and boated Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo - Big Food Fest Fiesta!

Celebrating their 17th Wedding Anniversay Kyle and Jennifer Polk visiting from Marrietta, Georgia finished their week-long trip catching the largest Marlin Kyle has caught so far and Jennifer assisted in reeling in the Wahoo which will be prepared for dinner for them at LOS TRES ISLAS restaurant. Jen says, they "saved the best for last!" Safe travels tomorrow friends.

Bachelor Party Friday Fun for Andrew Hoban ,New Rochelle, New York - Tearing it up on the water aboard our 38' with Capt Carlos and 7 of his closest friends - some of the group were a tad hung-over .. while the others enjoyed CR&R 3 Striped Marlin + 1 Marlin Azul and 2 Wahoo - lots of action.


Bring the Wasabi!
Yellowfin Tuna on the Menu for Gary & family guests aboard our 45' Custom - please see VIP Guest Photos

Empanizado is delish
Dorado + Skipjack on the menu for our Newlyweds Alan & Jena Benzel and friend Ana Jennings. Plus a successful Catch & Release of Marlin for Alan.

VIP Guests


The MAGIC Continues!

Please see some AWESOME VIP Guest Photos that tell the REEL CABO FISHING CHARTER STORY .. no fish stories told here :-)


Please see courtesy of Capt Casey on our photos page and also our FACEBOOK page:

Practice Days and bonding with your crew for the Bisbees Tournament in October
 David Tierney and Chris Moucka fished with Capt Casey and Co-Capt Justo on 45' Custom

The Blue Marlin was kept because it was Hooked in the eye.

Photos courtesy of Capt Casey
Fishing Dates 15/16 August 2015


Kindersley Saskatchewan (boy that's a lot of letters to type!!) Palin Farms owners Tom & Corinne Palin with sons Brandon, Nathan and friend Emma caught Yellowfin Tuna and fought a few Marlin aboard 68' Luxury Yacht on their Cabo Fishing Charter

The Woodlands, Texas Return Ben Kerrigan and family had a fabulous day aboard our 32' Carolina Classic Express - their days bounty includes limits of Yellowfin Tuna + CR&R Reyado (Striped) & Azul (Blue) Marlin

Seattle, Washington  Aaron & Maria Miles fished aboard our 28' Cruiser #1 w/Capt Jose released 4 Pez Bella (Pacific Sailfish) + one for eats! Please see Photos

 Eugene, Oregon Return Alan Siegel, Greg Siegel and Kyle Strauss fished 3 days aboard our 29' Cruiser with Capt JoseJuan - their bounty totals include: CR&R 6 Marlin Reyado (Striped Marlin) + 1 Marlin Azul (Blue Marlin) + 2 Pez Bella (Pacific Sailfish) + 4 Yellowfin Tuna

Chula Vista/San Diego, California Return The Alexander Family fished 2 days aboard our 37' Cabo and successfully CR&R 3 Striped Marlin + 2 Pez Bella + boated 2 Wahoo
 Rome, Italy Dr Roberto Vieteli and family fished 4 days - 4 boats - outstanding results: CR&R 9 Marlin Reyado (Striped) + 1 Marlin Azul (Blue) + 1 Dorado + 2 Wahoo + 2 Yellowfin Tuna

Tucson, Arizona Stan 'The Skipper", Kevin, Stephen, Johnny and Jesse fished 3 days with Capt Carlos on our 38' Stellican - their outstanding results: CR&R 12 Marlin Reyado (Striped) + 2 Marlin Azul (Blue) + 6 Pez Bella (Pacific Sailfish) + 3 Wahoo +

Inshore action with Capt Justo: Pez Gallo (roosterfish) +


Cabo Magic was fantastic. Me and my lady had such a great time fishing with you guys. Jose and Emilio were absolutely great. As soon as we got out in the blue water we were on a fish. Landed a solid Striped Marlin. Not sure how big as we made a quick release off the back of the boat. My lady was not feeling well so we had to cut it short. Trolled back in and called it a day. Two days later we went out with Justo for some Roosterfish. As soon as we got lines in the water we had a strike. Missed fish. Went to the Pacific and hung out looking for fish. After 20 minutes, FISH ON. As I was reeling mine in, Jen hooked a bigger fish. We battled them for a few minutes around the boat and then safely released both fish. Missed two more rooster at the end of the day but still had a blast. Thank you Lori and Cabo Magic for making my 29th birthday a great one. We finished both days at the swim up bar! J

Jeff Zullo
Research & Development
Bloomin’ Brands International
Fishing Dates 31 July and 02 August 2015
Photos here and on our Facebook page


Domingo (Sunday) Greetings!

Caught (and released for Billfish) this week:
Fabulous Weather
Great Food
Great Celebrations.
We Are Ready To Hook You Up! ©

Marlin Azul (Blue Marlin)
32' Carolina Express, 33' Blackfin, 35' Cabo, 37' Cabo, 60' Hatteras, 68' Luxury

Pez Bella (Pacific Sailfish)
28' Cruisers, 29' Cruiser, 32' Carolina Express, 33' Blackfin, 35' Cabo, 36' Rampage, 37' Cabo, 38' Stellican, 45' Custom, 60' Hatteras, 68' Luxury

Yellowfin Tuna
23' Panga, 26' Cruiser, 28' Cruisers, 29' Cruiser, 32' Carolina Express, 33' Blackfin, 35' Cabo, 36' Rampage, 37' Cabo, 38' Stellican, 45' Custom, 60' Hatteras, 68' Luxury
28' Cruisers, 29' Cruisers
28' Cruisers, 29' Cruiser, 32' Carolina Express, 38' Stellican
Barialette (Skipjack Tuna)
23' Pangas, 26' Cruiser, 28' Cruisers, 29' Cruiser, 32' Carolina Express, 33' Blackfin, 35' Cabo, 37' Cabo, 38' Stellican, 45' Custom
Please be sure to look at the wonderful Guest Photos
Bryan and Carl Walthall with son Brandon and wife Karen fished two days.
Are you in need of Commercial or Residential Heating or Cooling service/repair/replacement ? Carl is the man to call - please see photos courtesy of Capt Carlos

Forney, Return Texas Matt & Renee Ferguson with JD Franks -  family photos proudly shared here and on our Facebook pages..

 Kyle, Texas  Eric & Marisa Garza and
Charles Downing

 Orlando, Florida Return Dr. Marc & Michelle Siegel with sons Matt and Martin

Manitou Springs, Colorado Chris & Beverly Berry celebrating Wedding Anniversary #8

Staten Island, New York Return Dan & Karen with first timers Carl & Ellie.

Henderson, Nevada Dr. Stephen & Renee Castorino

Dallas, Texas Dr. Jack Bullock with friends.

Nashville, Tennessee representing the best of Veterinary medicine

Scottsdale, Arizona of the Rose Law Group - need legal assistance?

Portland, Oregon William & Andrea Hamilton celebrating their 27th Wedding Anniversary

Bachelor Party! Kevin (Groom) Rick (Best Man) and friends Greg, JR, Tim, Jarrod, Matthew, Jake, Randy, Mike, Jordan, Ryan, Ben, Mitchell and Jason.

Largest Corporate Group this month:
This lively group of 75 guests is from Chicago, Illinois They managed a fine 3 days of fishing and catching. Their Saturday evening dinner at Solomons Landing was amazing with fresh fish caught by fishing participants on the menu. Even those that chose to golf rather than fish got to enjoy! Shout out to the staff at Solomons for taking such excellent care - once again - of our Guests and their family and friends.

Redmond, Washington  Greg & Heidi Alison enjoyed their 4 days - two panga days and two cruiser days. Fish fry at their home on August 8th!

St Louis, Missouri Return Rick & Mara Osborne celebrating their 15th Wedding Anniversary.



Tell The REEL REAL Story © 2014


Pangas - Cruisers -
Sportfishers - Yachts

First Class and Affordable Cabo Fishing Charters
Award Winning 
Outfitted Vessels
Pangas -  23'
Cruisers -  26' to 34'
Sportfishers -  35' to 70'
Yachts -  35' to 70'

Tournament Experienced
Tournament Winners
Top of the line tackle and gear.  
Charters Arranged to Fit Your Budget

When was CABO MAGIC ® established?

Tommy & Lori Garcia's CABO MAGIC ® Sportfishing was established in 1999 and has been under this leadership and ownership since then offering Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters

We trademarked the name in 2005.

Tommy Garcia is called "El Milagro" by many locals.
"El Milagro" means "The Miracle" - Tommy showed them, thru his leadership, how to blend and unite their unique culture with American Standards.

His father, Tomas, was a pro soccer player for Team CHIVAS of Los Mochis, Sinaloa. Tomas came to the US in the 1940's on a work visa.

Tommy and life-long friend Len Aaron - Aaron Brothers Art Marts founder - share their passion for sportfishing and began visiting in the mid 1970's.

How do I charter a boat with you?

We are delighted to work together with you to make your arrangements. We ask several questions to ensure arrangements are appropriate to you/your group or party.

Call us on our Vonage line 1-619-819-8634 or our Tollfree 1-888-475-5337.

On our website: Click on the photo of any boat - the page will open to show more information specific to that vessel.

OR if you prefer, you can complete our online Charter Request. We proudly set new standards for website business practices with this product in 1999. We will contact you promptly to discuss your request on your CABO FISHING CHARTER

More info

From time to time, we add cruisers, sportfishers and yachts to our offering, for you to choose that which is appropriate to your taste and budget.

Crews have proven results!

Arranging more than 15,000 charters since 1999 has allowed us to assess what works. We listen and respond to direct feedback from our VIP Guests.

Angler Fishing Licenses are only valid the day they are purchased. Daily licenses are provided for the number of guests aboard. Should you wish to purchase weekly or annual licenses, we will arrange this for our fishing guests.

First Class and Affordable Choices
Something For All Tastes and All Budgets

Making Magic + Dreams Come True since 1999 offering Cabo Fishing Charters

What is required to confirm a reservation for boat charter?

A monetary deposit is required. Without deposit, a reservation is held in good faith for a short period of time. If no deposit is received & we do not have continued communications, we will release that boat and make it available for charter.

What do you accept for payment of charters? Do you accept credit cards? Do you accept travellers checks?

We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover card. There is a handling fee for processing.

We offer alternative methods for deposits that are "fee-free" ... details provided to confirm your reservations.

We do not accept travellers cheques under any circumstances due to the extensive delays to process them.

We do not accept credit cards for tournament charters.

Is there a best time for certain species of fish I am targeting?

Our ANNUAL FISH CHART indicates when a particular species is known to be in our region. Our waters are visited year round by most species. Each calendar year we are surprised by the catch of a species not known to be available at that particular time. The Athletes of The Ocean you are hunting do not exactly follow the monthly calendar and arrive and depart when they are moved to .. they are more inspired by moon phases, tides, water temperature changes and bait availability.

What do you accept for payment of charters? Do you accept credit cards? Do you accept travellers checks?

We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover card. There is a handling fee for processing.

We offer alternative methods for deposits that are "fee-free" ... details provided to confirm your reservations.

We do not accept travellers cheques under any circumstances due to the extensive delays to process them.

We do not accept credit cards for tournament charters.

Other things for us to know?

Swimming on the Pacific side can be EXTREMELY dangerous due to currents, riptides and powerful waves. ROGUE WAVES are a regular occurance.

Many beaches on the Sea of Cortez side have undertows which are not visible from the beach, dangerous breakers, rip tides, or deep drop-offs close to shore. There MAY NOT be posted warning signs and if they are they will be in Spanish!

Our area was a fishing village first - golf added in the mid 1990's. Old-timers can tell stories about there being a roped-off area in front of the old Hacienda Beach Resort for swimmers - way before the jetskis, waverunners or parasail activities were introduced.

Please do not litter our beaches. Always take along a plastic trash bag for your trash. Help keep the beaches clean and beautiful.

There are NO LIFEGUARDS repeat NO LIFEGUARDS. Please be aware of this for youself and your childrens safety.

When walking on the beach please be aware that TURTLES lay their eggs in nests here. Please DO NOT ride ATV bikes on the beach as you will not know when you are disturbing nests and destroying eggs.

Regarding WHALE WATCH tours: PLEASE do not ask to see the whales - mamas or their calves - up close - be respectful. Feel free to call the office for additional information and/or explanation.

Refund and Cancellation policy?

This policy applies to non-tournament charters only.

If a charter group or individual does not appear on the date specified all monies paid are forfeited.

If cancellation is received 30 days or more prior to boarding date full credit vouchers are issued. Vouchers are non-transferable and are valid for two years from date of issuance. If cancellation is received less than 30 days prior to first fishing date, credit would be subject to ability to re-charter confirmed boat/s.

In the event the port captain or port authorities closes the port due to inclement weather, prior to marina departure, attempts will be made to reschedule during clients stay. If this is not successful, all monies paid will apply as full credit towards a future trip. Credit vouchers will be valid for two years from date of issuance.

In the event the port captain or port authorities closes the port due to inclement weather, after marina departure, a proportionate pro rata amount of monies paid will apply as credit towards a future trip. Credit voucher will be valid for two years from date of issuance.

In the event of mechanical malfunction, which prevents charter on intended vessel, client will be put aboard a vessel of comparable value. If only a greater value suitable replacement is available this will be arranged at no additional client cost.

We reserve the right to make a vessel change in the event of malfunction or mechanical failure.

We sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for understanding our policies.

Do I/we need a passport to visit Cabo San Lucas?

YES - ALL visitors are required to have a valid passport for entry into Mexico.

The following website provides current and updated USA information.

If you do not have a passport, please consider the time needed for passport processing and possible delays. Your local post office can provide passport processing.

What is Vonage?

Vonage is VOIP- VoiceOverIP Technology that allows you to dial a telephone number that not international. Our CSL Office Vonage number is 619-819-8634.

In 2001 when DSL high speed internet was first introduced into downtown Cabo, we were 3rd to install and beta-test Vonage.

Visit to see how you can effectively and efficiently manage operating expenses at home and office - anywhere in the USA or the World for travellers.


We Are Ready To Hook You Up! © 1999


  Cabo Fishing Charters

Our crews are

Hard Working
Tournament Winners
Bucket List Fillers
On the water honing their skills
Our climate is ideal
Our blue water is close!
Fishing and catching, it's what they do!

About our charters, boats and crews

The charters we arrange are boat specific. We do not double book boats - this was one of the first standard principles of business established - by us - in 1999.

All crews are properly documented, licensed, and insured for charter. All carry US Coast Guard level safety equipment. Boats are inspected annually by the Port Captains Office. Owners provide proof of insurance to the Port Captains Office to maintain their charter license/permit. ("matricula")

Owners of vessels are responsible for all operating costs associated with the charters we arrange.

To confidently place Guests aboard - as we have done since 1999 - vessel owners and crews are in alignment with our business practices and philosophies. "We treat everyone with dignity and respect"

All of us look forward to welcoming you aboard.

What can we expect from your crews?

First and foremost, our crews are concerned with the safety of our VIP guests. 

Next they want to entertain you and 'get you on the fish'. To succeed, a combination of effort, skill, timing and luck work together.

It is very important to keep your wits about you while aboard any vessel. Sea conditions can go from 'smooth' to 'choppy' or even a rogue swell can appear seemingly out of nowhere.

It is helpful to watch what the crew is doing. They'll be working to find the fish. They are watching signs of action such as birds, surface bubbles, bait fish, jumping fish, fins & tails.

Their eyes are trained & skilled in watching for the slightest sign of fish action. They will troll lures to catch the attention of fish. Sometimes the fish you are hunting will hit a trolled lure and sometimes the crew will pitch live bait to entice them.

Our captains & mates can speak and understand English in various levels. Several take great pride in their ability to do so. ALL crews do their best to understand what you say to them. Some are more comfortable speaking their native language amongst themselves.

Just as you might appreciate their effort to speak english to you, they do appreciate any effort made to speak Spanish.

All of our crews speak fantastic Fish English!

Our crews do what is necessary to maintain the boat & keep equipment functioning and operationing properly.

Cabo Fishing Charters

What live bait do you use?

Local variety of bait fish. Makarela about 7 to 10 inches long. Sometimes chuhuilla or caballitos. Sardines as available.

What techniques do your crews use to catch fish?

Big game sportfishing is a hunt!

The captain will use the highest point on his vessel to watch for signs of action. Some boats have a bridge while others have a full tuna tower that puts the highest level 30' above the water level. Think of 'crows nest' for a 'birds eye view".

Some species of birds are often an indicator of fish below the surface. Especially the bird called frigate whose height above the water can be indicative of where a fish may be below the surface.

Bait fish jumping can be a sign that what you seek might be near.

Mostly, we use a method called trolling - pulling lures/artificials at varying rates of speed to entice fish interest. Live bait is pitched to entice a 'finning' marlin, or when you encounter a 'boiling' school of fish. Also, sometimes a hooked dorado is left in the water to catch the mate .. Lots of magic techniques utilized by our crews!

We encourage active participation by all guests aboard. Watch the water for signs such as birds, jumping fish, dorsal fins - these are important to point out to the crew.

Good teamwork usually leads to good results!

Do I have to bring tackle? Can I?

All of our vessels are outfitted with tackle required to fish our waters. Some guests enjoy using a personal setup. You absolutely may bring your own if you wish!

How many crew members will be on the boat with us?

You will have a Captain and First Mate/Deckhand. From time to time a deckhand-in-training can also be aboard.

Luxury Yachts have a 4 person crew team - including the culinary skills of an onboard chef.

Do you arrange boat sharing?

When asked, we assist in arranging a share. Please contact the office for additional information or view our SHARE BOARD on our Pangas + Cruisers page.

What happens to the fish we catch after your Cabo Fishing Charter?

Billfish - MARLIN & SAILFISH are usually released "CR&R" stands for CATCH REVIVE RELEASE and has been on our fish reports since 1999. . Crew are skilled in process of release. If REVIVAL is required first mate will hold fish in water alongside boat by “bill” while captain moves boat at slow rate of speed forcing oxygen into the fish.

EDIBLE FISH such as Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Snapper, Grouper, Shark etc. can be eaten and enjoyed. Rules set forth by governing authorities are followed by all crews of Team CABO MAGIC Sportfishing.

We remind you this is Mexico & thus urge patience & understanding as sometimes rules & their enforcement change. Be assured our crews do what is required by governing agencies.

We respectfully remind you our crews are working for you & not recreationally fishing for themselves. A gratuitous donation of fresh fish is sincerely appreciated & shared with others.

Bringing fish home to the USA is generally accepted w/the following guidelines: Your ice chest or cooler must be hard sided - it cannot be styrofoam. We respectfully suggest you check with your airlines for up to date information concerning fees, restrictions and any other pertinent information.

Bring duct tape. Do not seal your icechest until it has been viewed at the airport by airline officials. A “reasonable” amount of fish is permitted by Mexican Officials. Ice and/or frozen water bottles, are not permitted, and are subject to removal by airport officials.

Its always a good idea to check with your airlines for any specific size restrictions or conditions concerning bringing fish back.

What happens to billfish?

We encourage the release of billfish during Non-Tournament fishing. Billfish species include Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish. The technique involved to release these pelagics is to revive them before release. Our crews are skilled in this technique. Observe what the crew does!


We encourage and support responsible practices.

We have been proud supporters of TBF - The Billfish Foundation ( and the IGFA - International Game Fish Association ( since 1999.

Join us in support of GUY HARVEY in the Art of Ocean Conservation. Contact Capt Dave Lear for additional information and assistance.

Making Magic & Dreams Come True since 1999

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We are Cabo Magic® Sportfishing, etablished in 1999.  We are located nearly 1000 miles south of San Diego, California at the end of the Baja Peninsula in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, often called Lands End.  This is where the Bountiful Sea of Cortez to the east meets the Majestic Pacific Ocean to west.  World-Class Tournament Fishing has been happening here since the early 1960, when we were a sleepy little fishing village, accessbile by private plane, making the area the playground for the rich and famous who could afford to travel here. 
In 1981 Mr. Robert "Bob" Bisbee started his world renowned event, known as Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin Tournament.  The surge in interest and popularity began shortly after, and has continued to this day.  Paradise with World-Class Fishing and Golf where the desert meets the sea!

"We Are Ready to Hook You Up"©  with more than four generations of local fishing experience. 
We specialize in Cabo Fishing Charters aboard an extensive and carefully selected choice of Pangas, Cruisers, Sportfishers and Yachts
All vessels are equipped with top-of-the-line tackle, gear and equipment.
At the helm are highly skilled Captains, assisted by "Marineros" (First Mates and Deckhands) who are on the water more than 350 days per year.
We provide all tackle and gear needed for your First Class and Affordable Experience.
Crews utilize various fishing techniques including troll, kite, and sight fishing.
Let us be your source for “bucket list” fulfillment.

Request more information about our Cabo Sport Fishing Charters  - View Our Current Cabo Fishing Reports

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Our World Wide Telephone Numbers:   
Worldwide Vonage Dial 619-819-8634      In USA Tollfree Dial  888-475-5337     In Mexico Tollfree from Mexico landline Dial 01-800-269-4496
Year round Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing Charters and World Class Fishing Charters
Fish with us in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Ready to Hook Up Your Dream Fish? Since 1999 Cabo Magic Sport Fishing has continued to offer Affordable Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters on Pangas, Cruisers, Sportfishers and Yachts


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